amnesty flyer

amnesty flyer (Photo credit: matthewvenn)

Issues of security were put on the front burner for everyone to observe and witness recently, with the Boston Bombings and the ensuing drama of a high speed chase, grenades and explosives, shoot-outs, a man hunt and an eventual capture. One could not but wonder out loud how long it had taken the United States of America to “perfect” the operation of counter terrorism as displayed. We saw an interplay of technology and pure human resource management. Throughout the episode, someone seemed to be in charge, someone who knew exactly what he or she was looking for and working hard at getting it. Credit must also be given to the good people of Boston who listened to instructions and kept to them.

Let us switch back to Nigeria for a minute where have people who vowed to make the country ungovernable because they lost an election, people who say they are speaking directly with the agents of terror, killing and maiming innocent civilians for reasons best understood by them alone, and a citizenry that is gradually cowering to terror. While all of this is going on, we have an oppostion that is unconciously weakening the fabric of our unity as a people. When a country is being attacked as is presently playing out in Nigeria and the opposition do not come out to make bold statementss in defence of Nigeria, it only portends an unfortunate end approaching, if caution is not heeded.

Kudos will go to Governor Yuguda fof Bauchi State who has come outright and openly to declare that Boko Haram has factions of criminals who have no business with Amnesty. In as much as we are one united and indivisible country, we must always support each other when it calls for it. We must put our differences aside and do what is right for the common good. These coming weeks are pregnant with expectations and hope.

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  1. osho benjaminq

    While i fully appreciate your perspective in your article, i do believe there is need for caution in our collective analysis of issues as they evolve both locally and internationally. I have followed commentaries related to the infamous Boston bombings in both the print and social media over the past few days. I was to say the least dissappointed by the views of many Nigerians who as usual have laid out a faulty template for comparative analysis which has done nothing but further humiliate our leadership and security agencies.

    It is the views of many commentators that the USA has gotten it right and has again proven its counter terrorism prowess by its speedy arrest of the suspects. While i agree that efficiency was the key word, we must be mindful of the fact that America as a whole is a terrorized continent as has been the case since the founding of the New World by Christopher Columbus. First it was in the hands of the native Indians, then came the turn of the British crown later follwed by skirmishes with France and Spain. In the wake of the 20th Century, we witnessed the Cold War widely regarded as a silent war for global supremacy by the two major world powers of the day. Thousands of lives were lost in covert operations which ushered in a chilling era of espionage and counter espionage related citivities.
    That America is on top of the game is expected but it has had nearly three centuries to perfect the game. How then can we compare the effectiveness of its security agencies with those in Nigeria? Rather than make destructive and unguarded statements we should encourage our agencies and leadership.
    How many of those so called commentators know that it was a dutiful citizen who reported sighted the Boston bomb suspect’s hideout and thereafter notified the police? How many Criminals have been caught in NIgeria as a result of information by dutiful citizens? Even when bounties are announced, how many responses do the law enforcement agencies get? Yet, the armed robbers, the militants, the terrosists live right in our midst. Are we all playing our part as law abiding citizens with love for country?
    Yes the air of insecurity hangs over us all but i believe with time, we will arrest the situation.

    On the issue of Isa Yuguda’s statement on Boko Haram, i align myself with his views. A fortnight ago, northern governors were called upon to lead the quest for peace in the region. A detribalized Nigerian and one of the leading lights of the north, i salute his courage and encourage him to go beyond words in returning peace to the region.

  2. citizensnetwork1960

    Thanks for your comments Osho. Citizens Network encourages diverse views on issues with a view of accomodating expressions and encouraging discourse.

  3. Let the governors of the north emulate governor yuguda,in the peace procee and stop deceiving the people,this is the time to discover patriots amongst us

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