Al Jazeera slip up on Emergency rule as condoms and drugs come into play

Visiting Al Jazeera studios in London.

Visiting Al Jazeera studios in London. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recent reports on Al jazeera news network purportedly showing attrocities commiteted by Nigerian soldiers against civillians in States under emergency rule in Northern Nigeria have been rubbished by Defense Headquarters spokeperson.
‘Video clips on civilian casualty is fake’
“The Defence Headquarters has noted the dissemination through the channels of Aljazeera Television reports alleging massive civilian casualties in the ongoing security operations.

“It wishes to point out that the video clip being shown on  the Aljazeera reports has no bearing whatsoever on the current reality in the operations areas.

“It is noted in particular that the footages being referred to as civilian casualties were actually pictures of the destruction perpetrated by the terrorists at the police stations and prisons in Bama, Borno State on 7 May 2013 when the insurgents attacked the town”.

Going by this, the loser in this blind game of cat and mouse will certainly be  gullible people who are only  eager to read negative reports about the professionalism being diplayed by our servicemen .

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  1. While one would accept blaming AlJazeera for unprofessional conduct in their attempt to report the on going JTF effort to dislodge the Islamic Terrorist from the 3 northern states, the greater blame goes to the Nigrerian government for blacking out all news about the military operation right here in our own country. What stops the Defence hqtrs from allowing the media into cleared and safe theaters of the ops area. Why would the whole nation depend totaly on military briefs, which as is universally known are never balanced reports. Every day we know deaths,in Afghanistan or Iraq,of NATO soldiers. Till date, no one knows how many soldiers died in Liberia and Sierra Leone, but we know that the Nigeria causality figure was very high. No heroes burial , no cero IRS to honor fallen heroes. Why the secrecy? It is this SECRECY ATTITUDE OF OUR MILITARY THAT PRESSED AWOLOWO TO ASSERT THAT FROM AVAILABLE RECORDS, Nigeria didn’t lose any soldier during our civil war ! His reason : no unpaid salaries were returned to the Fed Treasury due to death of any soldier! If no salary was returned, then every soldier received his salary! Possible? To check distortions in information disemination, the media should be allowed access to the war zone. We see reporters daily reporting the Syrian War from the Front Line. What are we hiding?

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