Insensitivity of Lagos State Government to families and friends of plane crash victims

An almost burnt-down lit candle on a candle ho...

An almost burnt-down lit candle on a candle holder. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One the first year memorial anniversary for victims of the unfortunate air disaster in Lagos , Nigerian`s watched as the Governor of Lagos State, Raji Fashola spoke well and dedicated a cenotaph in memory of the victims. This would have been a perfect end to the day. However, looking closely at the structure being dedicated, one sees a replica of a broken airplane atop the structure  proper and this actually distorts the semblance of the seriousness of the whole concept of praying that the victims rest in peace. Why would anyone approve such a hideous display for such a sensitive issue.

Citizens Network is concerned that most times the Federal Government is blamed for ills in society that should actually stop at the door steps of State Governments. How has Lagos State  shown any iota of understanding of what human development entails if they cannot properly organise a befitting structure for a grieving nation? Perhaps we are a really young nation, growing at our own pace, with excess sprinkles of foreign influence brought in by leaders who intend to do good, but seem to be unaware of the need for timely development against rapidly unplanned growth.

Below is an open letter to Lagos State Government written by a brother of one of the victims.

Understand too that aside from his brother, he also lost a few friends in the incident.

Whose voice will carry more weight that the bereaved?

What are your views on this issue at hand?

Please drop in your comments for a better understanding of what we have  witnessed in Lagos State.


“The Cenotaph for the DANA victims is the worst idea ive seen in a long time. There was no need for the broken airplane on top of the monument. It was ill conceived and quite insensitive. Didn’t you take into account the feelings of the relatives and friends? To se that ugly airplane brings back a slew of emotions. Please remove the airplane from the top. It is not necessary!!! My Brother passed in that disaster, I and other relatives don’t need that sort of painful reminder. Eko oni baje oh!!!”… Prince Peter Osunbade.



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  1. This is true iit reminds one of sad memory

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