Boko Haram Mayhem

CITIZENS NETWORK FOR PEACE AND DEVELOPMENT IN NIGERIA joins all patriotic and well-meaning Nigerians in condemning in the strongest possible terms, the unnecessary and brutal murder of innocent students of GSS, Mamudo, Yobe State which occurred in the early hours of Saturday, July 6, 2013. Easily the most painful incident of terrorism in recent times, the massacre of over 30 students and staff of the school has again ushered horror into the homes of all Nigerians, especially those law abiding and peace loving citizens resident in the restive North East.

The attacks on various schools in the region within the spate of one month points clearly to the fact that every Nigerian is a potential victim be you a Muslim, a Christian, young or old. Islam is known to be a religion of peace and does not accept violence and crime in any form. We wonder therefore what the Boko Haram sect really stands for as they clearly promote no logical religious doctrine nor do they advocate any positively inclined political ideology. They are simply evil in mindset and deed. These insurgents represent no nation and defend no territory save the few communities they have held hostage and from which they launch their nefarious attacks against unsuspecting Nigerians. They operate in the shadows of society. They send small teams of operatives to infiltrate our ranks, they conspire in secret and finally they strike without warning. They cut down our men, our women and our children. Theirs is nothing but a tale of cowardice and wickedness. Such characters can not and must not be allowed to go free.

We therefore call on the Federal Government to bring the master minds of this terrible act to justice. In so saying, we wish to restate our support for the offensive launched by the Jonathan Administration against these miscreants who seek to impose the darkness of tyranny and terror upon us all. We encourage President Jonathan not to waiver in his determination to bring security, peace and reconciliation to the north.

We also ask the Legislature to rise to the occasion and for the sake of our security, act and update our laws to meet the threats of terrorism.

This incident is a clear sign that we must all close ranks and fight this threat to our collective struggles for freedom and liberty as enshrined in our constitution. We must fight for our ability and God given rights to live in peace, what ever the cost. Regardless of our origins, we are all ultimately Nigerians. When the blood of an innocent Nigerian is shed for whatever cause, the loss, the pain, the grief are all felt from one point of the country to the another. We wish to state categorically that this recent development is an indictment on the inaction and general lukewarm attitude of our Northern Elders towards the entire Boko Haram saga. Rather than speak and act strongly against the actions of the sect, they have preferred instead to turn truth on its head and argue from faulty premises aimed at justifying the agitations of the former. From a safe distance, they sit and twitch their thumbs while watching Boko Haram tear the north apart piece by piece.

The handwriting on the wall is clear; they must act firmly and decisively; they must urgently support the efforts of President Jonathan towards returning life in the North to normalcy otherwise in the not too distant future, they too may be victims in the ongoing reign of terror. As Nigeria mourns the victims of the shocking incident of Saturday, July 6, 2013 at GSS, Mamudo, we condole with the Government and people of Yobe State; especially the families of the murdered students. May God grant them the fortitude to overcome this deep grief. May He grant all the victims eternal rest in the comfort of his bosom. He giveth and He taketh at His own time.

Olu Adekunle Snr
Director Media and Publicity

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  1. Ekpein Appah

    If Boko Haram elements still dare the ferocious Federal forced right in our terrain,it throws up the real situation on the ground; that BH has resorted to Guerrilla Warfare while our forces are basically attuned to conventional warfare. Our forces must restrategize and unleash counter-terrorism forces on the insurgents. We must remember our horrible losses in Liberia and S/Leone to guerrillas . Those mistakes must not be allowed. Definitely, BH is scoring huge political points by their targeted attacks. They seem to have a better command of the area of operations, going by the unhindered penetration they make through to their objectives. We must change strategy and indeed tactics.
    No more time for blame games. A state of emergency is in force and there is no excuse for failure on our part.

  2. Why have we resulted to playing politics even with peoples life in this part of the world!! Students!! God,do justice

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