Violence in Rivers State  House of AssemblyGOV AMAECHI’S ORDERLY WAS THE POLICE OFFICER IN THE VIDEO BEATING UP A LAWMAKER WHILE PRO-AMAECHI LAWMAKER, (who went to fetch Amaechi from Govt House to witness the beatings) CHIDI LLOYD hit the mace, breaking it, on the same lawmaker’s HEAD 3 times – Hon Kingsley Chinda (representing Rivers State) said on

the floor of the House of Reps hours ago. (See photos)

HEAR HONOROBALE CHIDI LLOYD LYING TO THE WHOLE WORLD THAT HE WAS BEATEN(unknown to him, a smart alec was recording the scene with a spy camera): How My Colleagues Battered Me, Rivers Lawmaker Recounts

He said, “We went in as members who have not seen ourselves for sometime because of the crisis in the state. I was on my seat, without provocation, Hon. Evans Bipi came to me in the full glare of everybody on camera and started raining punches on me. As his leader I did not react because I felt that it is something we could settle, whatever it is, maybe I didn’t greet him also. So he continued when that continued, the speaker intervened and said, ha, what’s happening. Then he reached out for the tripod that stands the camera, used it freely on me, himself and Michael Okechukwu Chinda. They flogged me to their satisfaction, I didn’t just utter a word until Hon. Ihunwo graciously asked me to run for my dear life because they have brought people with guns and of course when I looked at the gallery they were shouting who is the Chidi Lloyd, who is the Chidi Lloyd.”…culled from Nigeria Public Opinion Page.

For someone who was thoroughly beaten with a camera tripod stand and punched incessantly by his own account, Honorable Chidi Lloyd`s clothes seem to remain immaculately white and neat as he lies down receiving treatment on his hospital bed, with his cap well arranged at the foot of the bed as well as his immaculate white shoes properly positioned on the floor.

The only evidence we seem to have at the moment is that of a video clip showing Honorable Lloyd charging at unknown persons with the Mace and striking a gentleman in a Blazer at least three times on the head area. At no point does he look ruffled from an attack going by the pristine white clothes he has on at the time he claims he had been attacked.

There are allegations that the Police Officer in the video seen attacking the gentleman in the Blazer is actually the Orderly to the State Governor, Rotimi Amaechi, who in turn has recently cried out to the Inspector General of Police to recall the State Commissioner of Police for antagonizing him and fueling security crises in the State. This is a contradiction to what we see in the video as the Police Orderly is seen to be attacking non-Amaechi supporters. What is going on in Rivers State?

The House of Representatives sitting in Abuja have  relied  on section 11(4) of the 1999 Constitution and taken over affairs of lawmaking in the State, for the time being.

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