Wole Soyinka

Wole Soyinka (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Professor Wole Soyinka is a monumental embarrassment for three reasons:
1. People see him as an elder statesman who should the apolitical in his stance on national issues. He has obviously been paid to take sides with Governor Amaechi against the Presidency. He should look at what other Nobel laureates are doing around the world and not his petty fogging denigration of national institutions and authorities.

2. In pristine African Tradition, you have no right to talk to another man’s wife like that. If Wole Soyinka, who just turned 79 years do not know these elementary rules, them is it senility? Professor Soyinka – the architect of cultism in Nigeria said what he said in bad faith.

3. Soyinka knows that the Presidency is a personification of the Nigerian State in a Presidential system and such an institution deserves some respect. The opprobrium Prof has brought to himself is a display of pettiness which smacks of disrespect of constituted authority.

Professor Wole, we respect you but do not push some of us to the elastic limit of endurance. Do not tempt some of us who idolize you to think otherwise. You should grow above pettiness, politics of mudslinging, blame game and analyze issues dispassionately with the public interest at heart. You were given the Nobel Laureate Literature not politics of the Nigerian variety.

Thank you.
John Idumange

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  1. I strongly kick against the condemnation being meted on Prof. Wole Soyinka,due to his unbiased comments on the Rivers State political crisis;which even the layman knows that its been fingered by the presidency. Its a pity that today Prof. Soyinka could be accused of been paid to criticize;are you now telling Nigerians that,the noble laureate was paid by President Goodluck before he criticized those that never wanted him to take over the mantle of leadership when his late boss was sick & incapacitated?. It is clear that all those who going against Prof. Soyinka’s comments on the Rivers State crisis are affiliates of Mr president and known sycophants. Prof. Wole Soyinka as a social critic of international repute has the mandate to make fair comments on any burning issue. Stop dinting the image of our great sage,because of your personal greed.


      • John Osom Makbere

        Please, oga Kio, you do not love the ” Kongi” more any other Nigerian, but the truth is: the ” Prof” goofed on this particular subject. Also, sir, I have read logic enough to appreciate what a value judgment is, and much as I know, Professor Soyinka is much more concerned about the sinking sand beneath the feet of his fraternal colleague, and it shouldn’t be so. Although, these privacies shouldn’t ordinarily come to public domain, but they are the open secrets behind his passionate attachment to the entire saga. So, in view of what some of us know as their attachment, Soyinka’s participation is simply in line with the ” family”. And don’ t you think that politics in Nigeria, nay any other part of it transcends family considerations? The fear of repetition of this precedence is imminent, meaning an ” Ogboni”, “Rosicrucian”, ” Freemason”, ” Illuminatti”, et al, would do no wrong in the eyes of a confraternal confederate! Inevitable end- time we are!

  2. Mr. John Idumange from your piece i am of the opinion you see Nigeria as a domestic entity liable of being managed through a bed conversation or a bed time romance.

    Firstly, I am happy you recognized the Nobel Laureate as one. And I would like you to know that his pronouncement on the current saga in the Rivers State reflects the attitude of a concerned Statesman and a pro active Laureate.

    Secondly, Am so surprised that a commentator in your person could actually blind fold your self to the fact that Nigeria is an institutional entity where professional decorum is employed rather than domestic affiliates, thus why would chairperson sit down in a board meeting before the men. Are we not Africans?

    Thirdly, you speak of the office of the president and its personification to Nigeria. Am surprised that after knowing this you have still not thought it good to inform the dual of the President Goodluck Jonathan and his Wife that they are disrespecting Nigeria by constantly abusing and bring to disrepute the integrity of the office.

    what business those she have with a State administration.

    What does she know to be a duty of a Permanent Secretary.

    What institutional behaviour have she portrayed to reflect the office of the First Lady

    Is it about traveling about in a train of appending staffs disturbing traffic and other road user.

    I can understand your political affiliation with the family but please be prudent over what a true republic like Nigeria deserves.

    thank you

  3. John Osom Makbere

    But you should all have known enough that the man has always been controversy cocooned in his well- woven and deceptively selected semantics, and as people without proper tutelage in language and allied literature, we always saw an icon in him, which he truly held out to be, but look at him! He is now by far a shadow of the national icon the mirror on his wall projects; he is now a diminishing return to national scale of essence, the “Kongi drum” is beating decrescendo at Nigeria’s trying time when we should be looking up to him, he aligned with the vultures; he now dines with the unconscientious bourgeoise that in his virile days, were the oil on the wheels of his oratory especially at students’ rallies. At this age when he should have been courting heaven, “Kongi” is de-konginising to a persona even miscreants would wink at with ! The Kongi drum shouldn’t end this way!

  4. @okocha sabastine,thank you for coming to the defence of our great Capone.soyinka should always check the pulse of the people before opening his mouth to criticize .Amechi have not fared better with the opposition in his rivers state.Soyinka should not reduce himself to a mere party man.

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