Citizen Onwordi Samuel on Rivers State

Yes, politics is a game, but if you play it by wearing a mask on your face, you will stumble and fall. This is the condition in which Gov Amaechi finds himself. The opposition APC Governors want Amaechi to decamp away from PDP thus paving a way for APC to capture Rivers State. Gov Amaechi who for now is unable to see beyond his horizon is perhaps unaware that a sword of Damocles is hanging on his head if he takes this decision as being packaged to him here. It is better for him to bow down to President Jonathan and still be relevant.

Onwordi Samuel contributes from Lagos

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  1. Citizen Samuel, for me is it not obvious that Gov Ameachi is by implication a member of APC by his conduct and statements. Again is it not better that he leaves PDP? I challenge anybody that Ameachi can not and will not influence Rivers people against GEJ, reason being GEJ is also a Rivers man. Ameachi can only influence his appointees but not the entire Rivers people, no way.The bulk of his opposition are his fellow household brothers. What’s the difference between Bayelsa and Rivers State?

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