Idumange John


When a political party is formed, what readily comes to mind is the motive of the founders. Who are the leaders of the Party? What is their motive? It is the motive that determines the modus operandi of the Party. Thus, political parties that are formed to transform society are guided by such transformational ideologies. Similarly, political parties that are deeply rooted in ethnic sentiments and religious bigotry pursue such unworthy purposes. Another parameter is the spread of its membership. In the 2011 General Elections for example the CAN won in most of the South Western States except in Ondo where the Labour Party won and the Governor was re-elected on that platform. The PDP won in the North-East and North-West; dominated in the South-South and the South-East.


In terms of the Party’s leadership, all geo-political zones have benefited almost equally because of the internal democracy of the Party. Some may want to observe that the PDP lacks discipline but this also is not true. The ease with which the leadership of the Party changes hands shows that the Party has core values, which all members adhere to. So in terms of spread the PDP is the only true national party. Since democracy resurrected on May 29th, 1999, the ruling People’s Democratic Party has managed to maintain her lead in almost all the six geo-political zones of the Country.

The APC is a product of a merger between the ACN; CPC and bla…bla….bla…. since APGA does not belong to the merger. The motive of the founders is to topple the PDP to form the next Government come 2015. This is the central tendency underpinning their campaigns. The APC has so far not even under disguise canvassed any progressive ideology like the Muslim Brotherhood just wanting to replace President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt. One year down the line because the motive of the Muslim Brotherhood was selfish, and lacks ideology, their ascendancy has paved the way for a military coup.

In the developing democracies, parties are driven by ideologies and not ethnic, religious and parochial self-interest. Parties based on ideologies can survive the test of time. So in spite of the torrents of attack buffeting the PDP, the Party has tried to maintain some integrity in leadership and ideology. The ACN pushes dominant Yoruba interest not of the Awo variety of welfarism but of clan interest. You can see a good example of how very few people who claim to own the Party have virtually bought-up Lagos to the detriment of others. The CPC is driven by religion, but Nigeria is supposed to be a secular society where religion plays the role of control. Fundamentalist ideas such as the one CPC canvasses can only bring strife, confusion, instability and inertia or break-up of Nigeria (Vide: the operation of Boko Haram).

No one is here advocating that the PDP has quick fix solutions. However, the PDP has for 14 years kept Nigeria together. The PDP is also frantically making efforts to ensure the economic vitality of the nation by instituting a transformation agenda, which though painful, is getting us somewhere. Solutions to economic challenges do not come easy. Challenges such as Port Reforms, to put back our railways to run, to promote quality service delivery, power sector reforms, etc have lingered for decades before 1999. These solutions cannot be conjured from outer space but can be solved through a mix of consistent macroeconomic policies and well thought-out programmes.
The PDP represents what could be described as the only cohesive political entity binding all segments of Nigeria. Here I predict that in 2015, the PDP holds the ace not only because of its integrity and spread but its leadership, which has been consistent with the organic growth of our corporate entity.

In summation, the APC is not set to transform Nigeria but to supplant the PDP, and most Nigerians may not be ready to take a risky plunge into experimentation; they would rather that changes come incrementally, slowly but steadily as the ship of State moves to our assured destination.

Idumange John
August 5th, 2013

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