Because of August 31,2013,the political landscape shall never be the same again,not after the walk out by the Baraje faction of the PDP at the just concluded PDP Convention at Eagle Square.Take it or leave it against all expectations the unexpected happened with such clinical precision and in tandem with a well orchestrated plan which didn’t just start at the Eagle Square;so where was the intelligence apparatchik, which failed woefully to envision that this kind of development was in the offing? Did the PDP egg heads in Wadata also lack the ability to see that critical security in-depth analysis should have made out that the various developments,formation of PDM,the undercurrents of threats inside the party from Nyako’s Adamawa to Rivers, to Anambra, to those in Wadata Complex, all pointed out that all was not well, and that the party was going to Eagle Square with a liability baggage,where loyalty would be a major determinant of peaceful conduct of the event.

Be it as it may however,what makes interesting focus is the undeniable fact that the President was made a sitting duck,oblivious that there was a caving in of his political platform,a structure he must need to actualise his intentions in the presidential race for 2015. Not even the presidential intelligence muzzle could sniff out that Yar’adua Centre had been booked for an after Convention gathering of the party’s big wigs by whatever identity:snooping further will make for more intel that could alert the President that a counter move was in progress,which will need follow up and identification of the prevailing threat and potential to upset his expectations;to have prior intel makes it possible for him to re-strategise; cant we all see that after all the clear indications that prior to the day some members of the PDP had been traversing the length and breath of Nigeria on a purported journey of consultations,the President need not lack intelligence feelers, indicating that any slight misdemeanor or a semblance of it, will turn out badly,especially if any manipulation at the convention was suspected by these members!

It likely is an innocent conjecture but I still see the New PDP, Baraje’s faction as a well articulated group of the mainstream PDP,who had a plan and kept it close to their chest as a plan ‘B’,just in case;they clinically executed their plan as a political coup d’etat,a novelty,but to great effect,and an avoidable situation if those watching the President’s back and that of the biggest political party,did their intelligence gathering and speculative analysis more effectively than the usual every day snooping and sniffing!From all indications more political analysis and its marriage into the security and architecture has become very necessary in today’s political dispensation,if democracy indeed must be protected by the intelligence community as in other climes.

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