Mission and Vision

The mission of Citizens Network for Peace and Development (CNPD) is to promote citizen participation in topical national issues that bear directly on their wellbeing and also to evolve various initiatives aimed at effective monitoring and evaluation of govt programmes and policies by of raising a platform for awareness amongst the citizenry, of government’s policies.

The main aim of the network is to enhance and promote democratic processes through citizen participation. It is our belief that any democratic dispensation endures only when there is the mutually reinforcing practice and belief of free citizen participation. Promotion of the potential of citizen participation through trusted dissemination of information is vital and serves as a platform for reaching out to a significant portion of the population in each country.

The Citizens’ Network for Peace and Development in Nigeria seeks to create a network of citizens committed to:
1. The shared values of peace, justice, respect, cross-cultural understanding and national cooperation as the foundational contents for purposeful development.

The enhancement of the quality of life for all Nigerians.

1. The right of citizens to participate in the design and implementation of those activities affecting their lives, their families, their communities and ultimately, the Nigerian nation.
2. Respect for the diversity of our membership and their experiences.
3. Mutual trust, shared vision, common aims and beliefs of network members.

The Citizens Network for Peace and Development in Nigeria aims to develop creative and effective solutions to national problems/issues by providing a platform for analysis, dialogue and advocacy. CNPD recognizes the interdependence of the entire citizenry of Nigeria.

The CNPD logo represents peace and prosperity. The dove depicts peace as the most active ingredient in our quest for national development. The curved green bars on both sides of the dove represent all round prosperity/progress. Our acronym CNPD is written in red emphasizing our commitment to our mission and vision.
1. Promote good governance and harmony.
2. Serve as a channel of trusted information dissemination between the government and the citizenry.
3. Provide a platform for effective projection and promotion of government programmes and policies with the aim of eliciting positive identification of same by the public.
4. Others as to be defined by a yet to be established Board of Trustees
5. Increase skills and capacities of citizens to more effectively participate in local and national development.

  1. Hon Chukwutem Nwogor

    So greatiful to dose who hve fand dis grup.

  2. Dickson W. Opuene


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